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Lamb Freezer pack

Origin Macleod Organics

A Half Lamb ready for the freezer*, approximatelly 10Kg of meat at incredible value!

This is our own lamb, its a Shetland/Soay cross and has the most wonderful flavour. Born and raised here in Ardersier you can be sure its the best quality.
There's a mix of cuts but we will always include some joints to roast, chops, ribs, and mince. It's approximately 10kg of weight so works out amazing value at £85.
Unfortunately for us, its difficult getting an organically certified abattoir and butcher so this meat has been processed conventionally. Maybe in the future we can process this meat ourselves, (its on the very long to do list!!)
* If you're interested in getting a lamb pack please phone or email as it is not always immediately available *
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