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Origin Ardersier, Scotland

This is our own lamb, its a Shetland/Soay cross and has the most wonderful flavour. Born and raised here in Ardersier you can be sure the meat is the best quality. These shanks have been flash frozen so we can always have a ready supply in stock. Because its frozen, we will pack it with ice in a freezer bag but its important that we speak to you about the time and day for delivery. It's approximately 500g in weight so works out amazing value at £3.00, (you wont find better value than this!).

Its difficult getting an organically certified abattoir and butcher so this meat has been processed conventionally which means that although its bred, born and raised organically we cant call it organic! Any feedback on the butchery gladly received. Maybe in the future we can process this meat ourselves, (its on the very long to do list!!)
£6.74 approx 500g
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Left by Karra Reilly on 01-Apr-2014 20:40

5 - Excellent

Cooked tonight in the slow cooker, was the best tasting lamb I've ever had. Will buy more of this and would recommend to others.

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