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Bonaly Farm Dairy is situated on the outskirts of Edinburgh and is therefore our perfect source for the organic milk for our Edinburgh and Central Belt deliveries. Bonaly Farm milks 130 pedigree Holsteins at Murrays Farm in Pathhead, where all the milk is processed, bottled and sold through the dairy. Built on the site of the old Bilston Glen Colliery, it is ideally situated to provide milk to shops, hotels and restaurants in Edinburgh and the local Lothians. See for more details

Grahams dairy has been producing milk for three generations in and around the beautiful countryside of Bridge Of Allan. The latest member of the family to run company is Robert Graham - from the very farm it started on, way back in 1939. The dairy is certified by the Soil Association, and tells us that their organic milk contains naturally higher amounts of the essential fatty acid, Omega 3. Research has also shown them that cows reared on organic land produce milk with higher levels of Vitamin E and the molecule that our bodies convert into Vitamin A - making it the perfect excuse to enjoy an another glass of milk, add another dash of cream or spread a little extra butter on your toast. See for more details

Hendersons is an Edinburgh institution with an international reputation. It first opened in 1962 as an outlet for the produce of husband and wife Mac and Janet's East Lothian Farm. When Janet Henderson first opened her restaurant, most bread in this country was flaccid, tasteless, mass-produced and so 'refined' that its nutritional value was scarcely greater than the plastic it was wrapped in - and so the Henderson's Artisan Bakery was born. Today our highly skilled craftspeople handbake a delicious range of rye, spelt and sourdough breads to complement their traditional, organic loaves, rolls and oatcakes. In addition they offer an array of cakes, pastries and savouries, with many vegan and wheat-free options. For more see

Hugh Grierson Organic is an organic farm which rears traditional Scottish beef, lamb, chicken and pork. The beef is organic Aberdeen Angus beef, bred from their own herd, built up over 35 years. Their organic Aberdeen Angus herd graze on lush pastures on our organic farm in Perthshire, Scotland and are fed a natural grass diet with animal welfare as a top priority. Hugh Grierson achieved organic status in October 2002 and is fully certified by the Soil Association. For a full list of their products go to

Huntly Herbs produce award winning hand-made organic preserves. Based in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, this family business makes a selection of organic chutneys, jams, jellies and sauces, some based on traditional recipes and others which they have devised themselves. Everything is hand cooked in small batches to preserve its unique flavours and quality and much of the herbs, fruit and vegetables they use are grown by themselves. Begun in 1999 as a farm diversification by Fiona Wilson, the business has expanded to employ husband Fraser and daughter Anna, with part-time involvement from son Duncan. Huntly Herbs is fully certified as both an organic producer and processor by the Soil Association. You can find out more about their full range of products at Let us know if you spot any products we can delivery with your box that we don't have on our website. We can get it in especially for you.

Jamesfield Farm is owned and run by brothers Ian and Roy Miller. The farm sits on 300 productive acres overlooking the beautiful river Earn just before it joins the Tay, on the Perthshire/Fife border. Jamesfield is a long established organic farm, rearing its own animals and growing its own vegetables that dates back to the dark ages when everything organic was considered to be cranky or marginal. See for more details

Lo Lyle Organics, started by Andrew Lyle at East Kindrummond Farm at Dores on the shores of Loch Ness, produces organic rhubarb flavoured vodka and sloe gin. We also take advantage of Andrews lovely rhubarb, when in season, for our home delivery box scheme.

Our closest supplier, on the other side of the village, is the Connage Highland Dairy. This is a traditional, family owned, fully organic business, situated on the Clarks family farm, Milton of Connage, at Ardersier. Callum & Cameron, Jill and Eileen constructed a state-of-the-art cheese dairy and since January 2006 have been producing and selling a range of organic, handcrafted vegetarian cheeses using traditional techniques.
The cheeses they produce are excellent and are frequently winning Scottish and British Awards.

The Engine Shed, in Edinburgh, creates employment for people with learning disabilities. It is operated as a social enterprise providing a working and learning environment for trainees. Self confidence is fostered with transferrable skills being learned in a real work environment enabling a transition into paid employment within mainstream workplaces. The Engine Shed includes a vegetarian café, organic bakery, organic tofu production and conference/catering facilities. We are proud to provide you with their range of tofu available in plain, smoked and marinated flavours. To find out more about The Engine Shed you can log on to their website at

The Findhorn Bakery produce using a wide range of speciality flours are individually blended with yeast or leaven (natural sourdough) starters to produce our artisan breads. Although they are not a certified organic bakery each loaf is handmade from scratch using organic flour.

David Hoyle, owner and founder writes "To compliment our basic doughs we add creative combinations of nuts, seeds, fruit, herbs, oils and spices to make a daily selection inspired by local and global traditions of baking."
Whilst we embrace the craft of traditional baking we source our ingredients with modern values - local, ecological, healthy, natural and fair trade. We purchase primarily from local farms and food networks.
We supply all of David's breads, to order, and you can see his full range

This Is Organics, also known as TIO, is one of the biggest producers of organic root vegetables in the UK. Based here in the Highlands and Moray means that we can boast the highest concentration of organic farm land in the UK. TIO supplies a major supermarket in the UK with carrots, swede and parsnips. We are able to take the excellent root veg produced on our doorstep by TIO to the smaller retailers and to our own customers that TIO don’t normally supply.

Whitmuir Organics, based in the Borders near Edinburgh raises cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and turkeys, as well as growing vegetables, salads and soft fruits. All of their meat is butchered on the farm and for a full list of their meat products please go to