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Small Fruit and Veg Mix

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Ideal for 1 - 2 people.
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Left by Anonymous on 05-Jun-2013 08:26

5 - Excellent

We have been very pleased with our recent fruit and veg orders. All fruits and veg are fresh and can be stored for quite a few days. Moreover everything is really tasty and despite I am personally no potato lover, I very much love the potatoes we are getting delivered. We are very happy with the service (product and helpful/friendly people behind it) and the uncomplicated delivery process.

Left by Anonymous on 30-Jul-2013 11:01

4 - Good

We're enjoying the small, fresh fruit and veg box, it offers a good selection.

Left by Tekela Koek on 20-Mar-2018 14:48

3 - Average

This box is a little bit too basic for me, with just one or two fruits (nice pears though, and much nicer than the previous order which had pears that had hard skin and the flesh was even harder) and the tomatoes are past it. I think tomatoes are a waste of time at this time of year, and they are never really worth the effort, usually fit for the compost bin. Maybe better if the box wasn't in transit for 3 days? But that can't be helped. Also this is the most difficult time of year for fresh stuff. Hope this helps! Tekela

Left by Marian Warrener on 13-May-2018 10:48

5 - Excellent

My first order , what stands out to me is the the sheer delightful taste of the products , excellent value for money , a good variety in the box. I am now eating salads which I have never liked before and still can’t believe I am enjoying them and going back for seconds ! Thank you

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