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Half Veg Box

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This box is probably most suited to the single person household. It contains between eight and ten types of vegetables with carrots and onions included every week. Potatoes are not included, but can be ordered as a separate item for £3, (see 'vegetables' section). Vegetables are sourced on a most local first basis, with the net widening as produce becomes less available. Unfortunately it would be simply impossible to provide a service which filled boxes exclusively with local produce, and with this the biggest limitation is seasonality. There are certain times of year when there simply isn't very much produce in season, most notably the 'March/April/May' period. Its good to know that during the lean season the box scheme still provides a vehicle for the sale of what little produce is available locally. In other words, the only local items in your box may only be a salad bag, the carrots and some purple sprouting broccoli, but were it not for the box scheme these items might not have otherwise found their way to market and the farmers still get a little bit of income to see them through to the more prosperous season.
£11.50 Half Box
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Left by Debra Bruce on 06-Dec-2012 20:33

4 - Good

Good variety - particularly liked the dirty carrots.

Left by Nicky Cuthbert on 31-Jan-2013 12:26

5 - Excellent

Excellent box and good value for money. Good selection of vegetables and forces us to eat more veg with meals. I did, however, mistake a cabbage for a lettuce - chicken and raw cabbage sandwiches are surprisingly not that bad!! Delivery driver left the box at my front door rather than in the greenhouse as instructed, but it was safe enough.

Left by Eleanor Hodges on 28-Feb-2013 18:02

5 - Excellent

A very handy size of box for the 2 of us! The selection was good- including tasty carrots (unwashed means they keep better & often taste better too!), parsnips, small sweet leeks, a cricket ball sized beetroot, fine heads of broccoli & green cabbage. Good that most/all of this is local too. Great to have no extra packaging, AND the box will be returned & re-used. You can't get much greener than that!

Left by Gemma Jackson on 01-Mar-2013 19:08

5 - Excellent

Delicious! All veg in wonderful condition

Left by Anonymous on 24-Mar-2013 11:01

5 - Excellent

I'm very happy with my regular 1/2 box of vegetables. The variety and quality is generally excellent, and the packer takes note of any preferences I have stated. The round lettuce is lovely and crisp and the tomatoes are really tasty given that these are not in season at the moment. Thanks to all who participate in putting these boxes out. They're excellent value.

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