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Standard Veg Box

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Most suited to a vegetarian couple or an average sized family for a week, this box contains between eight and twelve types of vegetables with carrots and onions included every week. Potatoes are not included, but can be ordered as a seperate item for £3, (see 'vegetables' section). Vegetables are sourced on a most local first basis, with the net widening as produce becomes less available. Unfortunately it would be simply impossible to provide a service which filled boxes exclusively with local produce, and with this the biggest limitation is seasonality. There are certain times of year when there simply isn't very much produce in season, most notably the 'March/April/May' period. Its good to know that during the lean season the box scheme still provides a vehicle for the sale of what little produce is available locally. In other words, the only local items in your box may only be a salad bag, the carrots and some purple sprouting broccoli, but were it not for the box scheme these items might not have otherwise found their way to market and the farmers still get a little bit of income to see them through to the more prosperous season.
£16.00 Standard
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Left by Sam Goates on 25-Nov-2012 15:23

5 - Excellent

Really happy with my box delivery... lots in it and lots of variety. Never knew what a kohlrabi was till now! The carrots were full of flavour and we are enjoying a lot of soups with the current seasonal root veg. Very happy with the service and highly recommend!

Left by Sarah Hartley on 02-Dec-2012 22:11

5 - Excellent

Great veg - nice selection

Left by Libby Mather on 10-Jan-2013 20:17

4 - Good

I'm enjoying the produce but need to mention that I'm needing to throw some of the onions away because they are rotten. Please don't send me any more sweeds.

Left by Pamela Young on 30-Jan-2013 17:22

5 - Excellent

Very satisfied!

Left by Charlotte Smith on 31-Jan-2013 17:42

5 - Excellent

The vegetables were great, very fresh and delicious it just proved a little too much for us so we are going for more fruit and a half bag.

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