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Pullet eggs per Dozen

Origin Macleod Organics

We've got a new batch of hens here at the farm and they've just reached that age when they start to lay. Usually at around 18 weeks old they'll start to lay 'pullet' eggs, which are smaller and typically have a high yolk to white ratio. It usually takes about 4 weeks for the eggs to get bigger, so we'll have these on for about a month.
We're selling them at half the price of the big eggs, so a steal at £1.90/Dozen. You can find them in the dairy, eggs, and cheese section, or just add them to your order here.
We've been making the assumption that those who have a repeating order would like to take up the offer so we're 'doubling up' your egg order. Please send us a message or give us a phone if you'd prefer not to have them.
£2.10 per dozen
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